60 Seconds Of Peace

Greetings All,

(see video below)

I know – it’s been forever since I’ve posted here. I love my life & career. I also love and am proud to say I work a lot with The Walt Disney Company photographing (plus a few other multimedia things). But the fall is my busiest time of the year straight through until December 31st, then I get another break for a bit :). Anyway, not trying to make lame excuses. Just stating facts as to why I haven’t had much time to post on the blog.

Today, Wednesday Novel,her 16th, 2016 marks my first full day off since the Epcot International Food And Wine Festival came to a close a few days ago. Hence, I headed out to do an errand or two. Then I just said to heck with it – I’m just gonna get back in my car, start it, put it in drive and step on the gas. Where I’ll end up, I had no clue. Well, as it ended up, I found myself in the area of one of my favorite of the 176 Florida State Parks: Lake Kissimmee State Park. One of the reasons I love this particular park is because it’s so far out there that after you enter the park and end upĀ in the ‘center’ of it all (about 3 miles in), the only things you can hear are the birds chirping, the gentle wind blowing, the wildlife making noises in the woods and the brush. You can’t hear any planes, trains or automobiles at all. It’s so peaceful. The stress just rolls right off as soon as I start hiking around the wooded trails.

I managed to photograph quite a few pictures. No wildlife today, but a lot of pretty, peaceful pics. Instead of posting some of them here, I decided to try something I experimented a few weeks ago with on Facebook. I put together a very short (about 60 seconds – hence the title of this blog post) slide show video coupled with some old-time music that I played / recorded for a CD of mine (from the musical side of my career) a few years ago. Hope it helps you find some peace & tranquility!

Peace – Mike T.

60 Seconds Of Peace from Mike Thomas Productions on Vimeo.