A Bit Of Peaceful Nature

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Yah, I know: It’s BEEN FOREVER since I’ve posted here. Just got lots of stuff going on and keeping me busy. No real excuses. Anyhoo – moving along.

nature, sunset, florida, rain, thunderstorm, lake louisa state park, wildlife

I took a ride through my favorite ‘oasis’ in Central Florida – Lake Louisa State Park. This was a great, lucky day. Managed to get these two shots of wildlife plus a sunset just after several rainy thunderstorms. Added note – I love e the way the light was hitting the vegetation in the foreground yet almost black immediately thereafter until the orange sunset emerges in the background! And this was all natural lighting by the way. No after effects etc…

wildlife, alligator, gator, lake louisa state park,

The old expression about a picture being worth a thousand words – well, nothing else needs saying here I don’t believe. You ┬ácan add your own captions (in your head) if you so desire ;).

Peace – Mike T.