A Merger

Greetings Y’all 😁

After many years of maintaining several websites, I’ve finally realized – it ain’t necessary 😎. Henceforth and heretofore (impressed with those big words ? 🤪), all sites and endeavors will all be found right here. Where’s here you ask? Well, it kinda sorta doesn’t matter. Translated, whether you type in www.MikeThomasImagery.com, www.MikeThomasProductions.com or any other sites you may be familiar with, they’ll all end coming right here to this site. Magic, huh? Not really. I just do all the leg work on my end to make it easy on your end. Oh, and the official title of the “new” site is: www.MikeThomasProductions.com .

More news and details to come. For now, I just wanted everyone to know what’s happening and what you ended up here if you thought you were going somewhere else.

Talk soon. Peace – Mike T ✌️