A New Website: “A Walk Among Heroes”

Greetings All :).

So you may have noticed me using this American flag logo recently. Let me explain where it emanates from – I’ll jump right in. I started a new web site at the end of 2019. I was in the midst of putting everything together (and there is/was a LOT to put into this new site) when the Pandemic hit us. So everything went on hold but for a different reason than you probably think. The name of the new web site is and always has been since preconception, “A Walk Among Heroes.”

This whole concept had nothing to do with the present or newly recognized ‘heroes’ of the pandemic. Now that’s not a politically negative thing nor is there any disrespect to the heroes regarding the pandemic. The site was originally conceived to honor, recognize and appreciate the people of everyday life who did wonderful things for their fellow human beings.

Now that there are more than just a few signs of moving forward and of life getting back to normal per se’, I’ve decided it’s time to continue with the launch of the new site. So when you have a minute, please check it all out by clicking here >: www.AWalkAmongHeroes.com. In particular, check out the “Mission & Purpose” option when you navigate there.

Thanks for stoppin’ by neighbor. Peace – Mike T