A Peaceful Night

I don’t know about any of you, but my head and heart needs anything to do with peace and tranquility right about now. And I wish it for you and anyone else in this (still) great country. I have lots of feelings, beliefs and if I let myself, lots to say about recent events in America. But I really don’t wanna do that here on this blog. No matter what, we all need a little escape now and then no matter what the circumstances. Part of my photographic pursuit and mission is to capture anything that will take us away and perhaps even derail us if only for a moment in time. This picture I made a few months back holds not only that peace but is also reminiscent of the list fee I left behind up in the mountains of New England. Clear skies, lots of stars, sometimes a bright beautiful moon, crickets and other nocturnal creatures singing their song. I’d love to say that streak in the sky (of this photo) is a shooting star. But alas, it’s just an airplane cruising through the picture I was creating. It’s about a 30 second exposure so it comes across as a streak of light across the sky.

More to come. But for now, I wish us all a peaceful day or night.

Peace – Mike T.