Audio Samples From My Two New Albums

Greetings, Y’all 🎹 !

In case you don’t know already, my two latest albums released last week (“Symphony For The Soul” and “Solo Piano And Strings”) are available as of toda for downloading and streaming etc… You can find them on all the major online music platforms like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify and similar.

If you’re looking for sample snippets and don’t subscribe or have apps that let you access the aforementioned music platforms, here are three URL’s – one for each of my three latest albums (the third one here I released about a month ago called, “Path Of Heart.”

Symphony For The Soul” audio sample snippets – Click Here

Solo Piano And Strings” audio sample snippets – Click Here

Path Of Heart” audio sample snippets – Click Here

Thanks for stoppin’ by! Peace – and remember, always follow your path of heart!
Mike T.