“Beautiful Nothingness”

florida, everglades, pan handle, state parks, lake wales, kissimmee, central florida, nature, wildlife, rivers, water, streams, saw grass, swamp

Years ago while traveling around the state of Florida – particularly in the Pan Handle area and the Everglades region, I noticed just miles and miles of beautiful saw grass or rivers & streams. No mountains like I’d grown up with in New England – just flat lands as far as the eye could see with nothing in the way. Hence, the self invented title of “Beautiful Nothingness” came to be in my creative mind. This shot is one of those pictures, though not taken in the Pan Handle or Everglades. Just a river (name unknown) running through the Lake Wales, (central) FL region. Kinda falls into that “60 seconds of peace” segment I’ve done here a few times. Only this one is not a ‘moving’ picture.

Peace – Mike T