Bok Tower Meet & Greet Complete (WOW – that all rhymes!)


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So here’s a quick funny story before I get to the real purpose of this blog post. If y’all have ever seen the old cult classic movie comedy, “Airplane,” then this will make perfect sense and you’ll be able to relate. There’s one quick scene in that movie where air traffic controller Steve McCrosky (Lloyd Bridges) stops and while still standing, leans on his desk with a cigarette in his mouth. As the camera pans and zooms out a bit, you see a picture on the wall. In that picture / portrait is an EXACT duplication of Steve McCrosky leaning on his desk smoking a cigarette. Well – – – – – what I did today was 100% coincidence and not planned. I happened to wear the same yellow outdoorsman shirt with a black t-shirt underneath as the one in the picture of me on the wall (and that I use here on this website and everywhere else as my profile picture). When I noticed this and after I stopped laughing, I had one of the Bok Tower Managers take my picture in front of my picture LOL :). That’s what the picture herein is all about. Hope you find as much humor in it all as I did today!

Now for the news :). Just a quick update on the meet & greet today at Bok Tower Gardens. I got to meet loads of very nice, great people who appreciate the arts and coincidently, had very kind words to say about my work. A HUGE thank you to anyone and everyone that came out for this event today.

Additionally, along with my hanging art pieces ‘on the wall’, the gift shop at Bok Tower Gardens is now carrying various versions, sizes and formats of my photo art. Prices are slightly lower due to the fact that the pieces in the gift shop are matted w/ backing versus the matted, backed and framed style on the walls.

Anyhoo – – – just wanted to let you loyal blog readers how it went today and let y’all know about the additional merchandise in the Bok Tower Gift Shop.

Peace – Mike T.