Today Is Nature Photography Day

Greetings, Y’all! 😎

Today, June 15th, 2021 isNature Photography Day!Being a photographer that has always loved the great outdoors, wildlife and nature, this day was made for me!!!. I’ve captured thousands of nature pictures over the years. Having recently done a big push on my Etsy Shop, I though to myself, “ How can I not post a few of my original nature photo up there?” Sooooooo……. Check these latest two out if you would by clicking HERE.
Thanks for droppin’ by neighbor! Peace – Mike T.

A New ‘Hero’ Sticker – For Everyone

Greetings All 😎

Hope y’all are doing OK through these crazy times. I’m happy to announce that in response to requests, I’ve created an all encompassing new ‘hero’ sticker recognizing the main front line working heroes of this current Pandemic (Doctors, Nurses, First Responders, Police, Fire, Truckers, Grocery Store Personnel, Postal Workers), but also cites our U.S. Military as well. It’s a larger sticker for use as either a car window decal or a smaller bumper sticker. But truthfully, it can be used anywhere for any purpose. This sticker is offered with a white background and is made of weatherproof matte material. Archival inks are also weather protected. They measure approximately 7″ long X 3.25″ high. These stickers are sold individually. However, if you’re looking for larger quantities, please email me – we can discuss your needs and pricing etc… Please click HERE to navigate to my stickers page.

“Pic Of Peace” – May 9th, 2020

Today’s ‘Pic Of Peace’ is a shot I grabbed several years back at a place in Kissimmee, FL just outside of Walt Disney World called Old Town. This place used to have carnival type rides – like this old fashioned carousel. The light was just right for this photo illuminating the wooden horse’s head and mane. Ahhh the old days 😜.

Peace y’all 👍😎.
Mike T.

Welcome (Or Welcome Back)! Updates & Changes Abound Here 😁

Howdy Neighbor!

Lots of new updates and additions to my site – most regarding the sale and distribution of my work(s), Time to take all matters into my own hands versus dealing with unnecessary and over the top rules and guidelines etc… of other commercial sites. Some, not all. Hence, this site has become and will further evolve into a nice, friendly ‘One Stop Shop’. But it’ll also remain and advance as my blog, my communications with all you good people.

For now, check out my new ‘Stickers’ section. This whole project is something I’ve been putting together for a year or more. Though the thought of creating stickers has been a fun idea rolling around in the back of my brain for an even longer time now. With the present state of the world and the pandemic ‘stay at home‘ orders here in Florida, I’ve been fortunate enough to give the sticker biz (and everything else herein) a real push forward. Loving getting to work from home actually 👍😁.

Anyhoo – check it all out by clicking on the tabs at the top left.

Thanks for stoppin’ by neighbor. Peace And stay safe y’all – Mike T.

Peace – Mike T.