Latest Podcast Episode Out Now: “The Grand Marshall Picker”

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The newest episode in my podcast series, “The Storyteller Almanac” is now available for your listening pleasure.😜. In short, this one is a ‘conversation with’ Dean Gaschler. Now retired, Dean was the person who used to choose who the Grand Marshalls would be for the afternoon parade at The Magic Kingdom Park at Walt Disney World in Florida. He shares both some heartwarming and whimsical memories from his 22 year career with Disney.

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COMING WEDNESDAY – A New Podcast Episode: “The Grand Marshall Picker” (an interview with Dean Gaschler)

Greetings Everyone!

The latest episode in my podcast series, The Storyteller Almanac, is coming this Wednesday, January 20th, 2021. This one is called, “The Grand Marshall Picker.” If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World and seen the afternoon parade at The Magic Kingdom Park, you may have noticed that all those parades are led or preceded by a Grand Marshall. The guy who for years used to choose who the Grand Marshalls were gonna be is an old friend of mine named Dean Gaschler. This weeks episode is an interesting, fun in depth interview / conversation with Dean. He shares some memorable, heartwarming stories (from his two books he’s written and published about his time as the Grand Marshall picker) about his endeavors and some of the people he got to meet while picking the Grand Marshalls. Check it out Wednesday.

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New Podcast Episode Now Available

Greetings Everyone!

I’m excited to tell you that the first episode (not the promo / introductory episode explaining what the new podcast is all about) is available now to listen, download or SUBSCRIBE to! This first short 5 minute episode is entitled, “Michael.” No, it’s not about me 😎. But I can’t tell you who Michael is or it will spoil the whole punchline and format style of this particular episode. You’ll just have to listen. But I will give you one hint: this episode is …. “Timely.” 😜

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The plan is for a new episode weekly no later than Wednesday. That said, some podcast platforms listed above might take a little longer in processing the episode and getting it up online due to technical stuff. I have no control over that. But I’ll do my part in getting the latest podcast episodes up online every Wednesday.

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A Brand New Podcast From Yours Truly

Greetings And Welcome, Everybody! 😎

VERY exciting news I can finally share. I have a brand new podcast I’ve just launched. Been working on this for a few months now. I did a few podcasts in the distant past when podcasting was sort of in its infancy. They worked out OK. But there just weren’t enough hours in the day for me to give them the effort and dedication they needed. I was way too busy with my music, my photography and working with Disney at the time. But now, well…. times are different. I’ve changed. My goals and aspirations have changed. Not leaving my music or photography endeavors behind mind you. Just different placement and priorities. But there just comes a time in a persons life when he or she might just want to explore other paths. Or in my case, RE-explore something that I once had quite the passion for but didn’t have enough time to fully explore.

Anyway – the name of the new podcast is, “The Storyteller Almanac Podcast.” Its all about slices of life and good, heartwarming stories that make up our heritage and culture (I think we all need that type of thing right about now in life … don’t you? ❤️). There’ll also be some one on one interviews with some unique and inspirational people. I intend on having this project as diverse as possible. Some episodes might be 5 minutes long. Some could be 30 minutes long. Almost anything goes!

The podcast is set up to be available on most major platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Pocketcasts and a few more. It’ll also be available as a stand alone audio file right HERE on my main website. The specific URL to that site is: . As I say, the latter version on this site will be a stand alone audio file with no RSS feed – meaning they will not automatically download to your device or computer like the versions on Apple Podcast, Spotify and others will (as long as you subscribe to those versions … no charge / no obligation by the way). To search any of those aforementioned platforms, simply type, “Storyteller Almanac,” in the search bar of each respective podcast platform.

Episode 1 is a 3 minute introductory podcast and is actually available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Pocketcasts NOW! The other platforms will go live over the next few days (so I’m told 😜). But I’ve also included it herein this blog post to make life easier and simpler for you.

These podcast episodes will all be audio only for the most part. But I’m gonna try an experiment or two doing a video slideshow type podcast that I’ll upload and have available on YouTube, this blog, the main page of and on my new Facebook page for Storyteller Almanac (Link: Facebook Page – Storyteller Almanac). As of now, no plans for RSS feed or any auto download options for any video podcast episodes. Stay tuned for this beta test.

Last but not least, I’ll be releasing and uploading a new episode every Wednesday. Please bear in mind that sometimes the availability process may take an extra day depending on the individual podcast platform. That one is out of my hands. But I’ll make every effort to make sure they get up there and available by Wednesday – even if it means they might become available a wee bit earlier than Wednesday.

Well I think that’s about it for now. Definitely more to come so please keep checking back. Thanks for stoppin’ by neighbor. I surely hope you like what you’re seeing – or should I say hearing 😜. Until next time, God Bless. Be good to each other … we’re all we’ve got. Peace!

Mike – The Storyteller 😎

Wreaths Across America

Greetings Everyone!

So I’ve been granted permission to distribute these stickers I created for “Wreaths Across America.” But ….. these stickers are not for sale. If you’re interested in obtaining some (FYI –quantities extremely limited), please email me directly at

If you’re not familiar with the organization, “Wreaths Across America,” let me briefly explain (please feel free to click on the link above to navigate to their website for much more detailed reading on who they are and what they do).

Every Christmas Holiday season, you might have seen pictures or videos on TV news channels and similar of National Cemetaries with thousands of Christmas wreaths placed methodically on Military Veterans headstones. This is carried out by the Wreaths Across America Organization. It’s pretty much an all volunteer operation. This service is carried out at National Cemeteries across the U. S., not just Arlington National Cemetary in Washington, D.C. Hence, if you’re interested in getting involved in either the wreath laying operation or if you would like to sponsor a wreath, please click HERE to go to their website for details on how and/or where to do this.

Thanks for stoppin’ by, neighbor. Peace – Mike T

My Personalized Christmas Ornaments Aren’t Just ‘Fur’ Humans 😜

Seasons Greetings, Y’all 🎄

Just thought I’d put a creative idea or two in your head. As you can see in the pictures herein, my handcrafted personalized Christmas ornaments can be a great way to show some love and honor your beloved pet. Just sayin’ 😜. There’s still time to order and receive these ornaments before Christmas.

Click HERE to view and order.

Thanks for stoppin’ by, neighbor. I’ll do my best to have some hot cider and Christmas cookies for y’all next time 😜.

A Merger

Greetings Y’all 😁

After many years of maintaining several websites, I’ve finally realized – it ain’t necessary 😎. Henceforth and heretofore (impressed with those big words ? 🤪), all sites and endeavors will all be found right here. Where’s here you ask? Well, it kinda sorta doesn’t matter. Translated, whether you type in, or any other sites you may be familiar with, they’ll all end coming right here to this site. Magic, huh? Not really. I just do all the leg work on my end to make it easy on your end. Oh, and the official title of the “new” site is: .

More news and details to come. For now, I just wanted everyone to know what’s happening and what you ended up here if you thought you were going somewhere else.

Talk soon. Peace – Mike T ✌️

NEW! Personalized Holiday Photo Insert Ornaments

Seasons Greetings, Y’all ! 🎄🎄🎄

So a little while back, I made mention of a new item I was going to debut shortly. Well, I’ve been a little busy doing all kinds of other additional stuff so I got a little delayed. OOPS 😕 – sorry. But the new Holiday Personalized Ornaments are here and ready for you! 😁

All the details, pictures and ordering instructions can be found HERE or click on the respective tab above (“New! Photo Insert Holiday Christmas Ornaments”).

Thanks for stoppin’ by, neighbor! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Peace – Mike T. 🎄🎄🎄

Just A Sample Of The New Christmas Stickers

Seasons Greetings, Y’all ⛄️

(Click to enlarge)

I had a couple of inquiries as to what all this new Christmas stuff I speak of looks like. Sooooooo…… here’s a real quick post showing off my Christmas sticker designs. There are two types. One set of “Too / From” and the other being just pure fun and festive stickers to put on ….. well ….. anything and everyone. To place an order, click HERE to navigate to my sticker page. And please check out the rest of the new Holiday offerings (click on the respective links atop the page.

(Click to enlarge)

Thanks for stoppin’ by, neighbor. Next time, I’ll have some hot cocoa ready for y’all 😜❄️ Peace On Earth – Mike T.

Thanksgiving – A Precursor Of More Stuff To Come

Greetings Y’all 🍁!

“We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing.”

Remember that old song? I learned this in about the fourth grade. As I recall, it’s the only Thanksgiving tune I ever learned. But I never forgot it

There are quite a few new creations / projects I’ve been hard at work on these past few months. Most of them are Christmas / Holiday related. More on that subject a bit later. But for right now, here’s one I thought was slightly unique in that it’s for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We see all kinds of decor for Christmas and that’s fine. But Thanksgiving has become the underdog over the years taking a backseat to the commercialism of Christmas. One of the new things I’ve got coming for this Holiday season are art prints with inspirational or festive sayings. These prints are made on 65lb card stock or matte photo paper. They’re printed and cut on a Cricut machine (a Cricut machine is a dye cutting machine for those that may not know). The coolest thing is the inks used on these are not the usual archival printer inks. But rather a Calligraphy type ink process along with a beautiful decorative style. Most are done in either gold leaf or silver color ink. Some will be in various colors relevant to the Holiday season etc…

The print featured herein (frame is only for display purposes herein this post and not included with the purchase of the print) is printed in the aforementioned gold leaf ink. They’re available in either 8” X 10” or 5” X 7”. They ship in a cellophane bag inside a secure seal envelope but with a cardboard insert to maintain rigidity through the USPS mail. And shipping will be FREE on all these prints until further notice.

To view and order this elegant Thanksgiving print (once again, Christmas prints coming soon), please click HERE.

Thanks for stoppin’ by folks. Any questions on anything, please contact me:

Peace – Mike T.

Have You Thanked Or Recognized A Veteran Lately?

Greetings Y’all !

As of today (11/01/2020), there’s only 10 days left before Veterans Day 2020. If you haven’t expressed any appreciation or thanks to any U.S. Military Veterans lately, here’s a way you can do just that. Check out and wear proudly my “Thank You Veterans” stickers. These graphically and verbally represent each of the five branches of the Military as well as P.O.W.’s. If you order now, they’ll arrive in time for Veterans Day on November 11th.

Here’s the link to view and order stickers:

Thank you to all Veterans! Peace – Mike T 🇵🇷