“Pic Of Peace” – May 9th, 2020

Today’s ‘Pic Of Peace’ is a shot I grabbed several years back at a place in Kissimmee, FL just outside of Walt Disney World called Old Town. This place used to have carnival type rides – like this old fashioned carousel. The light was just right for this photo illuminating the wooden horse’s head and mane. Ahhh the old days 😜.

Peace y’all 👍😎.
Mike T.

“Look Into The Eye”

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While browsing some pictures I’d captured in days gone by, I came across this black & white shot of The Orlando Eye. I did a blog post about two years ago when I went on this baby for the first time. But all (or most of) the shots I’d posted were night time shots as The Orlando Eye looks quite beautiful at night. So I thought I’d post one of my slightly more artistic black & white shots of this nifty, cool attraction!

Peace – Mike T.

Street Photography: Murals – Downtown Orlando

street photography, street art, murals, orlando, downtown orlando, art

I had reason to be downtown Orlando in the Mills Avenue area today.

street photography, street art, murals, orlando, downtown orlando, mills ave ornaod

While waiting for a repair, I strolled the streets a bit. Came across this cool street mural on the side of an old building. No idea really what the artist(s) was trying to convey – if anything. But obviously whomever did this creation definitely does have some talent.

street photography, street art, murals, orlando, downtown orlando


Peace – Mike T.

Street Photography: “Get-A-Poem” by Paul

I ended up at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando Wednesday afternoon. I’ve shot there many a time before. But I can always find something new to shoot whenever I make the trek down there. I think it’d been about 3-4 months since I’d last been there. While walking the path around the lake itself (about a mile or so), I see this guy set up at a table along the pathway. Upon approach, I see what I realize is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. This guy, Paul, is setup and writing poetry on his typewriter. Yes, TYPEWRITER. Not a laptop or tablet. TYPEWRITER! Hence, the reason I categorize this whole thing as one of the coolest things ever 🙂 (see the photos herein). He has his stand set up with a sign that reads, “Pick any topic – get a poem.” We chat for a little bit. I ask if I can take his picture and post it here on my blog. Paul says ‘sure’!

I chat with him further. He tells me his website (www.getapoem.com). He asked me if I’d like a poem or if there was someone I knew that might like one. I think a bit and remembered an old friend of mine that had recently gone through some tough times. My old friend is definitely back in the almost high speed lane and doing better now, but I thought she could use a little ‘pick-me-up’. He says he’ll do a poem for or about her. While he was writing, I captured several shots of him and his typewriter.

If you’re ever down Lake Eola way and want to impress a special someone with a very personal gesture, look for Paul and his “Poems By Paul” setup. He tells me he’s basically there every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (I’m guessing weather permitting). Prices, by the way, are more or less on a donation basis. I’d rather not say how much I or others paid him. Being a songwriter for over 35 years myself, I know the ‘priceless’ value something like this can be worth and would not want to short change him or any artist that creates such value for any human being.

Thanks Paul! Nice, creative, original, unique and bold job sir – all the best of luck with your endeavors.

Peace – Mike T.

Street Photography: Aspiring (and good) Singer / Songwriter

guitar, street musician, busker, neil diamondI was in the downtown area of Celebration, FL awaiting to do a portrait shot for a client. While waiting, this young man walks up, sits down on the steps (which overlook the lake in Celebration), takes out his guitar and starts singing & playing. I waited for a few songs to pass judgment being a muzoid myself (and a snob I guess LOL). A few songs pass and I realize I’m caught up in the music. Translated: This kid is good! He played some cover songs as well as original. The covers were fine. But I liked his original songs better. This confirmed the boy was good and I chose to sit and listen until I HAD to leave. Being of an older generation, my all time favorite is and has been Neil Diamond (mostly his earlier stuff and the acoustic stuff from 2005-2010). I realized after listening to about 2-3 of this guys original tunes that he was playing in a distant old time Neil Diamond chord progression. I surmised that this is why I liked his stuff. I think I might actually go back there and try and catch his sidewalk busker act again. And next time, I’ll even get his name (DUH!) and try and give this singer / songwriter some free PR.

Peace – Mike T.

Street Photography: Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 – Post 2

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Canine Investigators

As I stated yesterday here, I had a second shot I managed to create while doing some street photography on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016. To refresh, I found myself in and around downtown Orlando in the late afternoon. After walking through several areas of ‘O-Town’, “The City Beautiful,’ I ended up at my favorite downtown area – Lake Eola. This shot I will admit was a lucky shot because I was walking and never stopped while I was shooting. I was strolling along the walkway around the lake itself. This gentleman in the shot was walking his two dogs in front of me. The animals were quite well behaved. But them for some reason when they saw this particular white swan (lower left of the photo), they both became so intrigued that their ‘walker’ had to stop and let then investigate a bit. Me, being the class clown at times, could only imagine or hear in my head what the two canines were saying to each other: “I dunno – it’s got a long neck and a yellow snout – whadda you think it is?” “I dunno – I’ve seen things like this on that big black box in the living room with the bright pictures that talks all by itself before.”

Anyway – you get the gist.

Peace (and love to all animals) – Mike T

Street Photography: Tuesday – July 26th, 2016 – Post 1

street photography, diversity, culture, afro american, asian, international, communications
International Diversity At Its Purest

I found myself in downtown Orlando late this afternoon (Tuesday, July 26th, 2016). I started venturing in and around the ‘City Beautiful’. Here’s just one of the pictures I made while in my artistic, creative, street photographer state of mind (Another one to follow tomorrow by the way).

The is my favorite of the day – probably of the week or month. I generally don’t shoot people when I’m on a street photography ‘mission’. But the message it ‘screamed’ to me was too good not to photograph. I actually had an entire blog post & story written and ready to publish here. But then it hit me. Ya’ know that old expression ‘picture is worth a thousand words‘? Well, I think this photo of the African-American gentleman sitting and chatting with this family visiting from their country (I know this as I overheard them chatting – not eavesdropping I swear lol) says it all. You fill in the blanks or make your own story about this photograph.

Peace – Mike T.