De-Stress Looking At Pictures Like This

Greetings Y’all 😎

I’ve been reading lately that fine art has seen a noticeable surge during the pandemic. The reason cited is simply because most everyone is at home and they don’t want to or can’t go out to shop / purchase beautiful art to hang on the wall etc… Hence, I thought I’d make a post reminding folks that I have many of my photographs available as fine art prints for sale online at Fine Art America. Fine Art America will print, matte, frame and send your choice of art work direct to your home. And I must say, they do a great job at it! Quality is superb turn around time is quite fast etc..,

Feel free to click HERE or on the picture above to check out this picture of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” 😜 coming in for a landing. Imagine yourself sitting in the sand on the beach watching this fella land. Now imagine this picture hanging on your wall so you can look at and de-stress anytime you want or need.

Peace – Mike T 😎