Dixie Lake – Black & White

dixie lake, florida, nature, wildlife, black & white, sunset
Dixie Lake Sunset – Central Florida

Color photography is just fine. BUT – over all my years of shooting, I’ve come to favor Black & White photography a bit more. Problem is (and I’ve learned this the hard way over time), not everything looks good in Black & White. Colors have to be proper and coincide with the lighting. Contrast has to be right etc… When it comes to Black & White photography, I have two idols or mentors: Ansel Adams and a gentleman named Clyde Butcher. Pretty much everyone has heard of and knows who Ansel Adams is/was. Clyde Butcher I call one of the most famous, unknown masters of environmental photography in the country. He’s based here in Florida down around Big Cypress Preserve which has become known as ‘The Western Everglades’. His images have been a tremendous influence and teaching for me. Clyde will sit for days at some locations just to capture that ONE image. I’m not sure I have the patience to sit THAT long :).

Although my favorite place to be (and to shoot) is in a mountainous area (White Mountains of New Hampshire, Great Smokey Mountains etc…). That being said, I do manage to find beauty in the wetlands here in Florida.The picture contained herein this blog post is one that I shot at Dixie Lake (central Florida) using what I whimsically (but with respect) call ‘The Clyde Butcher Method’. 🙂 I made the picture just before sunset but with the sun behind me this time around.

Clyde Butcher says he shoots everything in Black & White because it creates a “one-ness.” Further, he teaches that everything – including human beings – are connected, created a similar “one-ness.” I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to that and it makes perfect sense to me. Hence, the reason I especially like to shoot as much nature shots as possible in Black & White. Thanks Clyde Butcher and Ansel Adams!

Peace – Mike T.