Florida Backroads: Dundee, FL

DSCF7630I set out on a mission earlier today – to go photograph more of what I call Florida Backroads – or perhaps, the roads less travelled – anything BUT Them Parks and Attractions really. So about 30 minutes south of me is this little town called Dundee, FL. I’d driven through there many a time heading to various south Florida destinations. You basically travel south on U.S. Highway 27 heading south. Dundee is about 25 minutes south of the intersection of Interstate 4 and U.S. Highway 27.

DSCF7636As I said, I’d never really been IN the town itself. There’s a sign on Hwy 27 that says, “Historic Dundee Station” just after you cross the line into Dundee. Today, I finally decided to check it out. The town itself is truly old fashion, quaint and charming. They have a hardware store combined with a feed store. You actually pull your truck or car up to a wooden platform loading type dock to get your supplies. A few old style churches dot the horizon as well. There are a few ponds or lakes surrounded by houses that look they were built back in the 1950’s +/- but in good shape. And a beautiful park with a lighted walkway all around the blue inside the park.



One of the highlights in the historic area is an old railroad station, now turned into a museum. The museum itself wasn’t open today (off season don’t ya’ know – only open Tuesday and Saturday I believe it said). But it made a nice place to shoot a few pictures and give just a little feel for what the town is like.

DSCF7647If you have the time and you’re passing through someday, take 5 minutes off the main highway and check it out. Grab a pop or soda at the feed store (which I suspect was once also the General Store – just my opinion). Maybe get out & stretch the legs and walk around the beautiful park / lake in the middle of town.


Peace – Mike T.