Florida Backroads: Melbourne Beach, Florida At Night

florida, ocean, atlantic ocean, Melbourne beach, full moon
Melbourne Beach, FL At Night

Greetings All,

Picture this: The sound of the Atlantic Ocean waves crashing on the shore. A warm summer night wind blowing just enough to cool ya’ down from the Florida heat & humidity. The sound of a seagull or two off in the distance. And all you can see are moonlit shadows of folks walking the beach off in the distance. And highlights glistening off the waves lit by the moonlight – the only light source anywhere around.

Sound like a dream or the beginning of some story? Well, I suppose it could be. But that scenario I just tried to paint in your mind’s eye was exactly how it was when I created this picture last night.

I’ve been to Melbourne Beach on Florida’s east coast many a time. Most visits were during the day or at sunrise. But while thinking of my next Florida Backroads ‘path less traveled’ to showcase, I remembered being at that beach once at night shooting a full moon rising over the Atlantic. By the time I arrived last night (Sunday, August 14th, 2016), the moon was well into its course across the night-time sky. But as it turns out, this was perfect to help illuminate the beach and the ocean. This photograph I was able to create shows the bright moon overhead shining down on the sand & water. Only thing I can’t include in this photo are the sounds of the waves, the wind and that one lone seagull.

Peace – Mike T.