Florida Backroads: Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve

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Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve is basically near and / or part of the Kennedy Space Center property over on the east coast of Florida. I’d been there only once before with a good friend of mine who – for the second time today – gave me a great grand tour. This is the part(s) of Florida that I have passionate love for. It reminds of a southern version of where I grew up and lived for all of my younger life in New England – specifically, The White Mountains of New Hampshire. So what’s the connection you ask? The beautiful pristine, almost untouched natural beauty of the land Yes, New Hampshire has high mountains while Florida does not. But the same nature based, peaceful serenity I’ve always found up there in the mountains I can find in places like this wildlife preserve.

While touring around Merritt Island Preserve, I managed to capture several wildlife shots as well as a pretty large scale wildfire that was creeping up on the property line of the preserve. It actually may have been on some of the property/ Was far enough away I couldn’t tell. Nonetheless, this wildfire was huge! But even though it was a destructive force, it still made for an interesting and beautiful photo. I certainly don’t mean to make light of this and I surely hope there was no personal injury or property loss.

I definitely plan on making more trips over to Merritt Island Wildlife Preserve. What you’re seeing (and hearing about) herein this blog post barley scratches the surface of what this area has to offer.

Until next time – Peace,

Mike T