Honor Flight – Central Florida Chapter – June 3rd, 2017

(to view ALL photos by yours truly from this latest event, please click the link below at the end of this post)

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This makes the third Honor Flight Welcome Home Event I’ve ben blessed and lucky enough to be present for – and got to photograph it! Tell ya’ what – I’m LOVING this!!! I estimate about 250-300 people showed up voluntarily to welcome these World War II, Korean and Vietnam Veterans back home. If you haven’t had the chance to read any other of my blog posts about Honor Flight or perhaps aren’t aware of what Honor Flight is, let me briefly explain.

Honor Flight is an entirely volunteer organization that flies United States Military VeteransĀ up to see their respective memorials in Washington, D.C. (i.e. – WW II Memorial, Korean War Memorial etc…). It’s a 1 day trip up and back that starts pretty much at the crack of dawn and ends with their return back home (in this case to Orlando International Airport) at around 8:30 PM +/-. The tradition of having good hearted, well meaning, Patriotic people at the arrival gate area at the airport when they return has grown immensely since Honor Flight first started. I’ve spoken to many of the folks that come regularly to these things. They tell me they’ve made so many new, supportive friends at the events. It’s like a mini reunion or get together each time an Honor Flight gets set in motion. But it’s not really a social gathering or a personal meet & greet. Everyone is there for one purpose and that’s to welcome home and say thanks to these great Veterans. The emotion and outpouring of love is beyond words. You really need to be there to feel it, not just see it.

Thank you to all who came to lend their support tonight. And of course a huge THANK YOU to all the heroic, Patriotic Veterans who served for America. May God Bless You and this still great country!

To view all photos I managed to capture tonight, please click HERE.

Peace – Mike T.