Magic And Memories: Some Wild Sightings

There are so many pictures I shot at Disney’s Animal Kingdom while I was there these last few days I couldn’t just let them sit there and do nothing. So here are a few more shots I captured while strolling the park waiting to shoot the new nighttime spectacular, “Rivers Of Light” (a blog post on that one coming soon as well). The pictures speak for themselves. But I thought it might be a little humorous to add a caption or two ;). Enjoy!

bird, exotic birds, parrot, disney, animal kingdom, disney world, florida
“Do you really think I don’t see you? PA-LEEEEZE!”


timone, disney, near cat, animal kingdom, disney
“Pumba? Ehhhh, Pumba?”
gorilla, monkey, ape, disney, animal kingdom, nature, wild animals
“Hmmm? What shall I have for dinner?”
ape, monkey, gorilla, disney, animal kingdom, nature, wild life, wild animals
“Human, if you don’t put that camera down, I’ll have YOU for dinner!”
disney, animal kingdom, cow, sheep, wild animals, nature, wildlife
“How can you ignore this face … feed me. Please?”

Peace – Mike T.