Mike Thomas Promo Info

Greetings and thanks for stoppin’ by! My name is Mike Thomas (as if you didn’t know that by this point 🤓). I’ve been a stage performer pretty much my entire adult life (from age 13 onward). I’ve managed to play guitar a new sing but mainly, play piano and keyboards.

Having performed everything from pubs in the early days to full blown stage shows / concerts to atmospheric music (a la – dining music, relaxation, cocktail lounge piano), I can say with conviction that I’m well seasoned and able to handle and hold any type of audience. If you were to ask me who army favorite artists are or who influenced me the most, I’d say Neil Diamond, John Denver, Gordon Lightfoot just to name a few vocalists. But the likes of Floyd Cramer, George Winston, Yanni, Jim Brickman would be the bigger influencers as they’re all piano or keyboard players. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have recorded over 10 albums throughout my career of both original and cover songs. Many of those tunes I include in my live stage performances. Rather than me ramble on and on, perhaps you could take a look and listen to the three videos below. They vary from my old acoustic guitar & singing days to my piano and synthesizer presentations. There’s even one that contains snippets from a live stream Christmas show I did in December of 2020.

Please contact me at MikeThomasProdyuctikns@gmail.com if you’d like more specific info on pricing (which I consider to be quite reasonable by the way 😜) or any other questions you may have. Thanks very much for your time thus far!

Peace – Mike T.


Live Show – Solo Piano “The Homecoming”
Christmas Live Stream 2020 – Various Snippets
Live Show – Acoustic Neil Diamond Medley