MORE BIG NEWS: Two New Albums!

Greetings Y’all 😎i

EXTRA, EXTRA! Breaking news. OK, I’ll stop that. But I do have news…. I have not one but TWO new Albums out as of now. These are collective projects – meaning they’re all original songs from yours truly. They span the years from 1997 to about 2018. One is called, “Symphony For The Soul.” It’s all more of my fully orchestrated and upbeat stuff. The other album is called, “Solo Piano And Strings.” This one is geared more towards soothing and relaxing listening music. And the songs on this are also all original by me 😎.

Listen to a few samples from each new album plus an audio promo explaining a bit more about both projects.

For all the details and how and where to purchase, download, stream etc…, click on the “My Music” tab atop this page.

Thanks for droppin’ by neighbor.

Peace – Mike T.