New Original Handcrafted Christmas Cards Coming Soon!

Seasons Greetings Y’all 🎄. Too soon? Nah. Not for me. I love Christmas!

Quite excited and pleased to announce I have new series of Christmas cards coming shortly. Above are just two samples (click on the respective image to enlarge).

I haven’t created new Christmas cards for a few years now. This series is spiritual based this time around. There are still a few fine details I need to work out. But in short, the cards are all hand crafted by yours truly and are a cross between note cards and greeting cards. They’re very elegant but still have that hand made touch and feel to them. They measure 5.25” X 4.25” and are printed on high quality card stock with archival ink. They include a matching envelope and come in pacs of 5. They ship USPS in a protective cellophane bag inside a 28lb secure-seal, heavy duty envelope.

The only two details I’m still flipping a coin on is whether to offer these in white only or add an option of ivory as well. Also, whether I should offer only matte finish or gloss finish as well. Whadda think y’all? Price is yet to determined (per 5 pack) depending on whether I offer gloss / matte and white / ivory choices. Your thoughts?

Please check back soon for more details. They’ll be hitting the market pretty quick 👍.

Peace and goodwill, y’all 🎄 – Mike T.