New Podcast Episode: “He Just Wouldn’t Quit”

Greetings Everyone!

This week’s podcast episode in my ongoing series, “The Storyteller Almanac” is about a famous individual in U.S. History who, no matter what the odds became stacked up against him, just would not quit. It’s presented in the “Rest Of The Story:” format. In other words, you gotta stay with me until the end of the story to figure out who or what the heck we’re talking about :).

You can find the episode at or on any of the major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc… If you feel so inclined, please subscribe to the podcast when you navigate to whatever respective platform that you choose to listen. No obligation. No Charge. No salesperson will call :).

Thanks for droppin’ by, neighbor!

Peace – “Mike The Storyteller