New Podcast Episode: “Hope” – A Full Blown Emotional Story

Greetings Y’all,

The latest greatest podcast episode in my ongoing podcast, “The Storyteller Almanac” is live now. This episode quite different than anything I’ve put out there so far. Let me explain.

Several years back, I had this idea of creating sort of a ‘stories online’ type thing. These were all original pieces I’d conceived of and written. They were basically fiction but partially based on some of my real life experiences, interactions and people I’ve known during my lifetime. Each story is / was about 25 minutes long. The stories contained music mixed in, sometimes sound effects etc… They distantly resemble an old time radio program. Or perhaps to use a more specific analogy, they might remind you of a portion in my favorite radio program of all times, “A Prairie Home Companion” and the segment of that radio show that (original host and creator) Garrison Keillor used to call, “The News From Lake Wobegon.” If you’re not familiar with those references, not to worry. My podcast stories will make sense to you when you tune in and listen.

Hope” is one of those stories that has a twist ending. But I’m not gonna explain. You’ll just have to go listen and hear for yourself 😜. If you like emotional, feel good stories then this is for you. I’d love to hear from you and what your thoughts and feelings are on this type of podcast / episode.

As always, you can find the podcast at www.StorytellerAlmanac.Com or on any of the major podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple. podcasts, Google Podcasts etc… And if you feel so inclined, ple ase follow / subscribe e to the podcast via one of those podcast platforms. No charge. No obligation and no salesperson will ever call 😎.

Thanks for droppin’ by neighbor!

Peace – “Mike The Storyteller”

“Follow your path of heart”