Newest Podcast: “Dan The Man” Is Live And Available Now!

Greetings Everybody 😁

Dan “The Man” Mitchell

The latest episode in my podcast series, “The Storyteller Almanac” is an interview or ‘conversation with’ an old friend of mine named Dan Mitchell. Hence the title, “Dan The Man.” Dan is quite the Renaissance man. He’s been involved in all sorts of things throughout his life. More recently, he’s quite the activist and humanitarian in the fight against homelessness in America. He’s managed or held the directors’ position for some of the larger homeless shelters from the northeast to the northwest. This 35-40 minute episode is quite interesting as well as entertaining. Dan also shares his experience and insights with what he’s dealt with and helped try to solve with regards to this problem. In addition to all this, Dan is also a great writer. He’ll talk about that and even read a passage or two from some of his authorings.

Please join us and listen by clicking StorytellerAlmanac. Also, please feel free to subscribe to the podcast on any of the major podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify,, Google Podcasts and similar so you’ll never miss any future episodes. There’s lots more planned for Storyteller Almanac

Thanks for droppin’ by, neighbor. Peace – “Mike The Storyteller.” 😜