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That title sounds like a segment of “Saturday Night Live” doesn’t it? Anyhoo – – –

This post is to bring everyone up to date with a few changes and new direction in the ever changing, ever evolving life and career of yours truly, Mike Thomas. Some of this may not be very exciting to y’all. But to me, these changes have been a LONG time coming and are pretty monumentous (is that a word?) to me.

As many of you know, I’ve been a photographer almost all my adult life and have taken leaps and bounds just in the last 4-5 years with both the business and creative side of this art form. I’m now at a point where I want – correction, NEED to divert my efforts and passions to this outlet.

First, everything Mike Thomas will now be under the title, blog title, web site and more as, “MIKE THOMAS IMAGERY.” All the former titles regarding Mike Thomas Productions, Mike Thomas Music etc… are no more – gone! Which leads into point #3. But first, point #2. Is this getting confusing? Sorry if so. Please read on. It will all make sense in the end I swear :).

Point #2 – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram – but mainly, Facebook. Here’s the deal. About 9 months ago, I made a decision to shut down all my Facebook Pages (as in ‘business pages’ – not my personal Facebook page). Well, the decision was not wrong. BUT – (and I’ll say this as eloquently and politically correct as possible), I’ve come to realize that a personal Facebook page does not serve me well. In fact, with the changes in society, I find that whenever I go on Facebook to see what others are up to, I end up navigating away from Facebook after about 5 minutes due to frustration levels, stress levels and observations off many (not all) people’s’ choices to post topics that cause and fuel more stress & negativity almost to the point of anger between people / rivals. This is not what I signed up for Facebook for years ago. Now that being said, I’m all for freedom – freedom of speech and expression more than anything. Anyone can do whatever they choose – this is still a great free country. But this option or right if you will, applies to me as well. Henceforth, all postings on Facebook will appear only on my “Mike Thomas Imagery” Facebook (business) page. I’m just tired of viewing so much negativity and political protests and undertakings. Not saying anyone is wrong or right for what they believe or post. Like I just said above, it’s a free country. But I, too, have the same freedom and I’m choosing to not be part of or view things that do nothing except steal my joy and drain me of creative energies etc… Who knows, maybe someday when things quiet down I’ll return to utilizing social media for fun. But for now, anything and everything regarding Mike Thomas Imagery – the pictures and stories that accompany them will emanate from my web site / blog, . Those pictures, stories and posts will appear on my Mike Thomas Imagery Facebook Business Page as well as on Twitter and possibly on Instagram. I sure would be appreciative is y’all would “LIKE” my Mike Thomas Imagery Facebook Page – and if you decided to follow me on Twitter and/or Instagram, that’d be way cool, too. When was the last time you heard someone say, “Way Cool?” – 1985 perhaps LOL. I still live too much in the past, but that can be a good thing with this new artistic preservation project I suppose.

Point #3 – Music. I know never to say never in this life. BUT – I’ve had a wonderful and rewarding 41 year run with my live musical performing, song writing, recordings, productions, touring and more. But it’s just time for me to move on. I’ve been fighting this for about 10 years (maybe even longer). Not retiring, mind you. I still plan on playing the piano and synth at home in the studio – maybe even write & record a song or two. And maybe even get together with a few select friends and jam or whatever. But the live aspect of it all … well …. life and times have changed y’all and so has my desire to put all eggs in one basket as I’d done for so many years – that being music. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE music and always will. Like I said above, I plan on playing and being a little creative at home, on my time, without lugging hundreds of pounds of equipment from gig to gig. And I will always be so thankful and appreciative to everyone that has supported my by coming to the shows, buying my CD’s and other stuff. Most of all, “To God Be The Glory.” I take no credit for my talents. God gave me those upon coming into this world. It’s simply just time to lighten up, slow down a wee bit and put my creative efforts and juices into another art form – photography & multimedia (and lug around much less equipment 😉 ).

My biggest wish going forward is that I can be creative in such a way that my artistic abilities / pictures honor God and the humanity of this ever changing world. What do I mean by that statement? Well, I’m all for progress. I’m a geek, tech head and more – love new things :). But there are some aspects of life that need to be preserved. Whether it be for simple beauty or be it for future generations that may not get to know enough about our heritage or history. This doesn’t have to be huge happenings necessarily. I can think of so many geographic areas, incidents, and progress that has over shadowed what once was etc… Unless someone documents them in one form or another, they may just fade away like invisible ink. THAT, my friends would be too sad for me to just stand by and do nothing about when I possess another God given talent that might lend itself to the artistic preservation of such slices of life.

Please keep an eye out for lots more news, updates, postings and more from yours truly. And please follow me here (subscribe above left) or on Facebook, on Twitter or Instagram – or ALL THREE! :).

That’s it for now. Be good to each other – we’re all we’ve got!

Peace – Mike T