Just A Sample Of The New Christmas Stickers

Seasons Greetings, Y’all ⛄️

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I had a couple of inquiries as to what all this new Christmas stuff I speak of looks like. Sooooooo…… here’s a real quick post showing off my Christmas sticker designs. There are two types. One set of “Too / From” and the other being just pure fun and festive stickers to put on ….. well ….. anything and everyone. To place an order, click HERE to navigate to my sticker page. And please check out the rest of the new Holiday offerings (click on the respective links atop the page.

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Thanks for stoppin’ by, neighbor. Next time, I’ll have some hot cocoa ready for y’all 😜❄️ Peace On Earth – Mike T.

All Kinds Of New Christmas Holiday Stuff!

Santa Mike ❄️

Seasons Greetings, Y’all ⛄️

Well, I’ve actually been waiting and waiting to reveal everything I’ve been working on for the Holidays! In the words of a famous knowledgeable animated monkey, “It is time!” 😜.

I have new Christmas Cards, new Christmas Holiday Art Prints, new Christmas Stickers. There might still be one more thing forthcoming. Still putting finishing touches on that one. Anyhoo – click any and all of the links atop this page that have the word, “NEW” in them.

Thanks for droppin’ in for some Holiday cheer, neighbor!

Merry Christmas – ‘Santa Mike ❄️

Thanksgiving – A Precursor Of More Stuff To Come

Greetings Y’all 🍁!

“We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing.”

Remember that old song? I learned this in about the fourth grade. As I recall, it’s the only Thanksgiving tune I ever learned. But I never forgot it

There are quite a few new creations / projects I’ve been hard at work on these past few months. Most of them are Christmas / Holiday related. More on that subject a bit later. But for right now, here’s one I thought was slightly unique in that it’s for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

We see all kinds of decor for Christmas and that’s fine. But Thanksgiving has become the underdog over the years taking a backseat to the commercialism of Christmas. One of the new things I’ve got coming for this Holiday season are art prints with inspirational or festive sayings. These prints are made on 65lb card stock or matte photo paper. They’re printed and cut on a Cricut machine (a Cricut machine is a dye cutting machine for those that may not know). The coolest thing is the inks used on these are not the usual archival printer inks. But rather a Calligraphy type ink process along with a beautiful decorative style. Most are done in either gold leaf or silver color ink. Some will be in various colors relevant to the Holiday season etc…

The print featured herein (frame is only for display purposes herein this post and not included with the purchase of the print) is printed in the aforementioned gold leaf ink. They’re available in either 8” X 10” or 5” X 7”. They ship in a cellophane bag inside a secure seal envelope but with a cardboard insert to maintain rigidity through the USPS mail. And shipping will be FREE on all these prints until further notice.

To view and order this elegant Thanksgiving print (once again, Christmas prints coming soon), please click HERE.

Thanks for stoppin’ by folks. Any questions on anything, please contact me: MikeThomasImagery@gmail.com

Peace – Mike T.

Have You Thanked Or Recognized A Veteran Lately?

Greetings Y’all !

As of today (11/01/2020), there’s only 10 days left before Veterans Day 2020. If you haven’t expressed any appreciation or thanks to any U.S. Military Veterans lately, here’s a way you can do just that. Check out and wear proudly my “Thank You Veterans” stickers. These graphically and verbally represent each of the five branches of the Military as well as P.O.W.’s. If you order now, they’ll arrive in time for Veterans Day on November 11th.

Here’s the link to view and order stickers: http://mikethomasimagery.com/stickers/

Thank you to all Veterans! Peace – Mike T 🇵🇷

Veterans Day Stickers & Cards

Greetings Y’all 🇵🇷

Well, Veterans Day is only about 3 weeks away from today. If you’re anything like me – a flag waivin’ Patriotic kinda person, then consider honoring and recognizing a Veteran(s) this November 11th with one of my stickers or Americana note cards. Both are accessible by clicking on the respective link atop this page. Also, check out the short video below on this subject.

Peace – Mike T.

FREE SHIPPING Now On My New Christmas Cards!

Greetings, Y’all!

After some recalculating and finding some new shipping resources, I decided to offer FREE SHIPPING on all my new Christmas Card 5-Packs for a limited time! Call it an early Christmas gift to everyone 😜.

Please click HERE (or the “New Christmas Cards” link up top to be taken to my Etsy shop to view or order these original, handcrafted Holiday gems!

Thanks for droppin’ by, neighbor! Peace On Earth – “Santa Mike” 🎄

New Christmas Cards Available NOW!

Merry Christmas – a little early 😜🎄!

Feeling festive and so excited! The new original, handcrafted Christmas cards I’ve been talking about are available for viewing and ordering! They’re in my Etsy shop. Please click HERE to go THERE. Or click the menu option above (“NEW! Christmas Cards”) to read a little bit about them first.

Thanks for stoppin’ by neighbor! Peace on earth – “Santa Mike” 🎄

New Christmas Cards Coming Tomorrow – Friday October 9th, 2020!

Early Seasons Greetings, Y’all 🎄

Just a heads up – my new original handcrafted Christmas cards will be released and available as of Friday October 9th, 2020 😁. I’ll be posting the link here and on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. Please check back!

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Peace – Mike T.

New Halloween Stickers!

“Welcome foolish mortals” 🎃. One of my favorite ghoulish Halloween lines ever 😁.

So after some contemplation, I decided to create a small series of halloween stickers. Rather than duplicate the explanative efforts here, just click on THIS LINK to go to my Stickers page. But be careful, ‘there may not be a way out’ <Mike laughs mischievously like some scary ghost at a certain ‘mansion’>. 🎃.

Happy Halloween Y’all 😎

New Original Handcrafted Christmas Cards Coming Soon!

Seasons Greetings Y’all 🎄. Too soon? Nah. Not for me. I love Christmas!

Quite excited and pleased to announce I have new series of Christmas cards coming shortly. Above are just two samples (click on the respective image to enlarge).

I haven’t created new Christmas cards for a few years now. This series is spiritual based this time around. There are still a few fine details I need to work out. But in short, the cards are all hand crafted by yours truly and are a cross between note cards and greeting cards. They’re very elegant but still have that hand made touch and feel to them. They measure 5.25” X 4.25” and are printed on high quality card stock with archival ink. They include a matching envelope and come in pacs of 5. They ship USPS in a protective cellophane bag inside a 28lb secure-seal, heavy duty envelope.

The only two details I’m still flipping a coin on is whether to offer these in white only or add an option of ivory as well. Also, whether I should offer only matte finish or gloss finish as well. Whadda think y’all? Price is yet to determined (per 5 pack) depending on whether I offer gloss / matte and white / ivory choices. Your thoughts?

Please check back soon for more details. They’ll be hitting the market pretty quick 👍.

Peace and goodwill, y’all 🎄 – Mike T.

De-Stress Looking At Pictures Like This

Greetings Y’all 😎

I’ve been reading lately that fine art has seen a noticeable surge during the pandemic. The reason cited is simply because most everyone is at home and they don’t want to or can’t go out to shop / purchase beautiful art to hang on the wall etc… Hence, I thought I’d make a post reminding folks that I have many of my photographs available as fine art prints for sale online at Fine Art America. Fine Art America will print, matte, frame and send your choice of art work direct to your home. And I must say, they do a great job at it! Quality is superb turn around time is quite fast etc..,

Feel free to click HERE or on the picture above to check out this picture of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” 😜 coming in for a landing. Imagine yourself sitting in the sand on the beach watching this fella land. Now imagine this picture hanging on your wall so you can look at and de-stress anytime you want or need.

Peace – Mike T 😎

More Sphere Photography

Greetings Y’all 😎

so about two weeks ago, I bought one of these crystal global spheres for some different style photos. I’ve experimented with this very minimally. Tonight I thought I’d try another shot in my little studio. As you can see, it’s a delicious looking fresh strawberry shot through the sphere. I call it, “Strawberry Through A Sphere.” Pretty clever, huh? 😂🤪🍓

Shot with a Fujifilm X-T2 camera, Fujinon 18-135mm lens, Aperture F-5, ISO 5000. Almost sound like I know what I’m talking about, aye? 😎

Peace – Mike T.