New Original Handcrafted Christmas Cards Coming Soon!

Seasons Greetings Y’all 🎄. Too soon? Nah. Not for me. I love Christmas!

Quite excited and pleased to announce I have new series of Christmas cards coming shortly. Above are just two samples (click on the respective image to enlarge).

I haven’t created new Christmas cards for a few years now. This series is spiritual based this time around. There are still a few fine details I need to work out. But in short, the cards are all hand crafted by yours truly and are a cross between note cards and greeting cards. They’re very elegant but still have that hand made touch and feel to them. They measure 5.25” X 4.25” and are printed on high quality card stock with archival ink. They include a matching envelope and come in pacs of 5. They ship USPS in a protective cellophane bag inside a 28lb secure-seal, heavy duty envelope.

The only two details I’m still flipping a coin on is whether to offer these in white only or add an option of ivory as well. Also, whether I should offer only matte finish or gloss finish as well. Whadda think y’all? Price is yet to determined (per 5 pack) depending on whether I offer gloss / matte and white / ivory choices. Your thoughts?

Please check back soon for more details. They’ll be hitting the market pretty quick 👍.

Peace and goodwill, y’all 🎄 – Mike T.

De-Stress Looking At Pictures Like This

Greetings Y’all 😎

I’ve been reading lately that fine art has seen a noticeable surge during the pandemic. The reason cited is simply because most everyone is at home and they don’t want to or can’t go out to shop / purchase beautiful art to hang on the wall etc… Hence, I thought I’d make a post reminding folks that I have many of my photographs available as fine art prints for sale online at Fine Art America. Fine Art America will print, matte, frame and send your choice of art work direct to your home. And I must say, they do a great job at it! Quality is superb turn around time is quite fast etc..,

Feel free to click HERE or on the picture above to check out this picture of “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” 😜 coming in for a landing. Imagine yourself sitting in the sand on the beach watching this fella land. Now imagine this picture hanging on your wall so you can look at and de-stress anytime you want or need.

Peace – Mike T 😎

More Sphere Photography

Greetings Y’all 😎

so about two weeks ago, I bought one of these crystal global spheres for some different style photos. I’ve experimented with this very minimally. Tonight I thought I’d try another shot in my little studio. As you can see, it’s a delicious looking fresh strawberry shot through the sphere. I call it, “Strawberry Through A Sphere.” Pretty clever, huh? 😂🤪🍓

Shot with a Fujifilm X-T2 camera, Fujinon 18-135mm lens, Aperture F-5, ISO 5000. Almost sound like I know what I’m talking about, aye? 😎

Peace – Mike T.

NEW: Handcrafted Holiday Ornaments – Coming Soon!

“Best Friend Sisters”

Greetings Y’all 😎

Hope you’re all doing well and getting through this pandemic as best you can. One of the good things for me being safe at home for so many months now is that I’ve been able to really take stock and inventory of my life and what I’ve been doing with it all. Yes, I still have love for music and my musical talents God sent me into this world with. And yes, still love my photography endeavors. But to get realistic for just a minute, I turned 63 in late August. Yah, it took me aback, too lol 😜. Much as I love what I do for a living or career, I’ve known for a little while it was time to slow down the pace a bit. Well, being at home so much, I admit I’ve gotten a little spoiled. Hence, I’ve been trying to re-invent myself in various ways.

One of the things I’ve wanted to do for a long time now is to work more from home and not have to be out in the Florida heat as much doing my photography. So just one of the new endeavors I’m launching are these new Holiday Ornaments. These crafted pieces are hand made by yours truly using a clear, high-quality lucite globe that contains either my original pictures inside or (and this part is still up for decision) could contain a personalized / custom picture inside provided by the buyer. And as you can see in the pictures, a festive colored ribbon. Initially, I’m launching this project as a Christmas Ornament offering. But the reason I specifically referred to them as “Holiday” Ornaments above is because I may offer a Halloween or Thanksgiving or other holiday themed item as well. The jury is still out on that one. We shall see 😜.

So what do these look like? Glad you asked 😁.

“The Old Man Of The Mountains” – Franconia Notch, NH

You can get a good idea from the pictures herein. They’re a clear lucite sphere with no seem. In other words, these aren’t the type of ornaments you can buy at let’s say a Michael’s Craft Store where you twist apart the two halves of the ornament, cut a circular picture, insert it in the ornament and twist it back together. Mine will be put together in such a way where you don’t have the obtrusive seem that goes around the ornament and looks … well … ya know 😜. All pieces that go into this product are dye cut on a Cricut machine. Additionally, on the back of each respective inserted photo, it will read, “Merry Christmas 2020.”

I may offer a variable or choice on the phrasing on the back side of the image should I decide to go with the option of customization / personalization. There would also obviously be a different message for other holidays and events. Again, we shall see on this portion of the project.

Price? Yet to be decided. Specifically, there’ll probably be one price for standard pieces and a different price point for customization or personalization. SPOILER ALERT: I’ll tell y’all right upfront that the shipping on these things is my biggest challenge right now. This is the reason why I can’t quote a price just yet. Presently, I’m still looking for some sort of a great discounted shipping deal with either UPS or USPS. Ultimately, I’d love to just absorb the shipping cost on my end. But that will depend on whatever deal I can come up with for me, the creator / seller.

Lastly, while this whole concept was my idea from a few years ago, I must give some credit to a crafter website that gave some inspiration to go ahead with this project. If you’re into crafting and looking for great ideas, has terrific ideas. She also has many videos on YouTube as well. Check out the site! Thanks 👍.

Please stay tuned / check back for more info over the next several days or week +/- . And thanks for stoppin’ by neighbor 😎.

Peace – Mike T.

Reminder And Update: “9-11 Remember” Stickers

So there’s something I apparently never thought of regarding these stickers I create. I was contacted by a potential buyer who in so many words said or asked if have the “9-11 Remember” stickers available in a smaller size and more per sheet. He wanted to put them on envelopes, papers / documents … that type of stuff. Here I was thinking in my head that folks would just affix and wear them on their person. Kinda like what kids (and adults do with the Micket Zmouse stickers you get at Disney World. Hmmm? Wonder why I had that mindset? 😜

Small “9-11 Remembrance” Stickers (48 Up / 48 Per Order)

Sooooo….. I’ve now just created a new offering of these “9-11 Remember” stickers in pacs of 42 stickers. They’re approximately 1 inch in diameter and are great for affixing on anything from paper, cards, envelopes or even still on one’s self. Check ‘em out: NEW 911 REMEMBRANCE STICKERS

Peace – Mike T.

A New Platform To Order My Prints And More…

Art Prints

Greetings Y’all 😎,

I’ve opened up a new platform or service for selling my photographic work. Similar to another service I recently opened, Fine Art America is more concentrated on producing / printing and selling my photographs as fine art pieces. You can order these pictures framed, matted, both. Or you can just order the print itself in many different sizes. There are Also options to order items such as smart phone cases with my works imprinted on them. Additionally, I can now offer mugs, beach towels, tote bags and so much more – all with my work imprinted on them. Check it all out if you would be so kind: .

Time For Change – Follow The Path Of Heart

Greetings Y’all!

Peace – Mike T.

Yah, so every once in a while, you need – or I guess I should say, “ I “ need – to take stock & inventory within myself, look ahead down the road and figure out if what I’m currently doing or involved in is the right fit. That being said, I’m not giving up photography. Not even totally giving up my God given musical talents (a lot less live shows and more endeavors at home in the studio, granted 😜). But it’s time to pull back on some photographic endeavors and add on or pursue other artistic photographic ventures. I know – I’m talking cryptic here. Sorry for that one. Basically, I wanna do some projects with my cameras that I wanna do because ….. well …. I want to (spoken somewhat like a spoiled little brat 🤓). But seriously, there are so many things that have taken a back seat to what I’ve been doing for the last 5-10 years or so. So over the next several days or week or so, I’ll post explanatives and samples of what I’m babbling about. It really will make sense. A LOT of sense. I hope folks will like it and be interested enough to support my ideas. But if not, I’m gonna do ‘em anyway! 😜😂.

“9-11 Remember” Stickers

Greetings Y’all !

For all those we lost on September 11th, 2001. And for all those who became heroes that day giving selflessly of themselves for the greater good. You are not and never will be forgotten!

Check out my newest sticker. I’ve been meaning to create something like this for several years now. For one reason or other, I was never able to get around to it in time. But this year …. we’ll …. I did it. The stickers are available in two different sizes. Check out the ‘Stickers’ page herein this website to purchase (free shipping). Hope ya’ like ‘em!

Peace – Mike T.

A Few New Shots From Lake Louisa State Park

Greeting Y’all 👋,

I hadn’t been to my ‘home away from home’ here in Central Florida since before the pandemic. Today, I was out picking up dinner for later and since I had a camera with me anyway, I shot up the road about 9 miles to Lake Louisa State Park. This place has always been my favorite escape since I’ve lived here in Florida. Very tranquil. Very peaceful. Today, however, I was hoping to catch some stormy skies and lightning as it was raining really heavy as I was driving to the park. But alas, as I was pulling into the place, the rain let up and the lightning and thunder crashes all dissipated. Regardless, I drove in and captured a bunch of pictures. Here are just two of the better ones that show off the lush green vegetation and the storm clouds giving way to some blue skies.

copyright 2020 Mike Thomas
copyright 2020 Mike Thomas

Enjoy. Peace ✌️. be good to each other – Mike T 😎.

New “Red Bubble” Shop

Hey Y’all!

I know it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. Between this Covid-19 craziness and some other stuff, I’ve just been preoccupied. But one of the things I’ve recently done to combat the lockdown, boredom etc… was to open a new “Red Bubble” online shop. If you don’t know what Red Bubble is, click HERE to check it out. But in brief, Red Bubble is a place where you can go to purchase my original photos and artwork. But not just as a print. Red Bubble lets you order all kinds of Merch items (like sweatshirts, T-shirts, smart phone cases, stickers and more) with my photos / artwork on it. Pretty nifty in my humble opinion. I’ve been considering this for a long time now and finally got my lazy bones charged enough to create this store. So yah, check it out when you have a second. Please and thanks 👍

Peace – Mike T

Yet Another New Video: “Black & Whites”

Greetings Y’all 😎. The good side of staying home and not working right now is that I get to really chill and do some creativity. Since I was playing and practicing with some new software (app on iPad Pro actually), I figured I’d put together a slideshow video of some of my black & white photos I’ve created the last several years.

Enjoy. Peace y’all – Mike T ✌️😎