Reminder And Update: “9-11 Remember” Stickers

So there’s something I apparently never thought of regarding these stickers I create. I was contacted by a potential buyer who in so many words said or asked if have the “9-11 Remember” stickers available in a smaller size and more per sheet. He wanted to put them on envelopes, papers / documents … that type of stuff. Here I was thinking in my head that folks would just affix and wear them on their person. Kinda like what kids (and adults do with the Micket Zmouse stickers you get at Disney World. Hmmm? Wonder why I had that mindset? 😜

Small “9-11 Remembrance” Stickers (48 Up / 48 Per Order)

Sooooo….. I’ve now just created a new offering of these “9-11 Remember” stickers in pacs of 42 stickers. They’re approximately 1 inch in diameter and are great for affixing on anything from paper, cards, envelopes or even still on one’s self. Check ‘em out: NEW 911 REMEMBRANCE STICKERS

Peace – Mike T.