Street Photography: “Get-A-Poem” by Paul

I ended up at Lake Eola in downtown Orlando Wednesday afternoon. I’ve shot there many a time before. But I can always find┬ásomething new to shoot whenever I make the trek down there. I think it’d been about 3-4 months since I’d last been there. While walking the path around the lake itself (about a mile or so), I see this guy set up at a table along the pathway. Upon approach, I see what I realize is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while. This guy, Paul, is setup and writing poetry on his typewriter. Yes, TYPEWRITER. Not a laptop or tablet. TYPEWRITER! Hence, the reason I categorize this whole thing as one of the coolest things ever ­čÖé┬á(see the photos herein). He has his stand set up with a sign that reads, “Pick any topic – get a poem.” We chat for a little bit. I ask if I can take his picture and post it here on my blog. Paul says ‘sure’!

I chat with him further. He tells me his website ( He asked me if I’d like a poem or if there was someone I knew that might like one. I think a bit and remembered an old friend of mine that had recently gone through some tough times. My old friend is┬ádefinitely back in the almost high speed lane and doing better now, but I thought she could use a little ‘pick-me-up’. He says he’ll do a poem for or about her. While he was writing, I captured several shots of him and his typewriter.

If you’re ever down Lake Eola way and want to impress a special someone with a very personal gesture, look for Paul and his “Poems By Paul” setup. He tells me he’s basically there every Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday (I’m guessing weather permitting). Prices, by the way, are more or less on a donation basis. I’d rather not say how much I or others paid him. Being a songwriter for over 35 years myself, I know the ‘priceless’ value something like this can be worth and would not want to short change him or any artist that creates such value for any human being.

Thanks Paul! Nice, creative, original, unique and bold job sir – all the best of luck with your endeavors.

Peace – Mike T.