Street Photography: Tuesday, July 26th, 2016 – Post 2

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Canine Investigators

As I stated yesterday here, I had a second shot I managed to create while doing some street photography on Tuesday, July 26th, 2016. To refresh, I found myself in and around downtown Orlando in the late afternoon. After walking through several areas of ‘O-Town’, “The City Beautiful,’ I ended up at my favorite downtown area – Lake Eola. This shot I will admit was a lucky shot because I was walking and never stopped while I was shooting. I was strolling along the walkway around the lake itself. This gentleman in the shot was walking his two dogs in front of me. The animals were quite well behaved. But them for some reason when they saw this particular white swan (lower left of the photo), they both became so intrigued that their ‘walker’ had to stop and let then investigate a bit. Me, being the class clown at times, could only imagine or hear in my head what the two canines were saying to each other: “I dunno – it’s got a long neck and a yellow snout – whadda you think it is?” “I dunno – I’ve seen things like this on that big black box in the living room with the bright pictures that talks all by itself before.”

Anyway – you get the gist.

Peace (and love to all animals) – Mike T