The Old Man And The Sea

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No, not the famous old movie with Spencer Tracy. But rather, this picture I captured at a pier overlooking part of the Atlantic Coastline with this guy casting a few lines did remind me of that movie. Well, because I loved fishing as a kid with almost my entire family (they were all from the Maritimes up in Canada (Nova Scotia to be exact)), every time I see a scene like this, it’s impossible not to think back and reminisce about my youth and my great family. When they (my family) migrated down here to the states in the 1950’s, I came along some years after. Hence, growing up as a kid in New England, fishing was as much a favorite past time for myself and my family as baseball is known to be most of America. I can’t tell you the number of stories & tales of the sea I was put to sleep by. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Makes me wonder how many sea stories this ole` fisherman has to tell?

Peace – Mike T.