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Greetings – my name is Mike Thomas!

Thanks for stoppin’ by. So my life’s history in 60 seconds or less – – – Been clickin’ the (camera) shutter since I was about 16. My hearts passion is that of beautiful landscape, scenery and real life – especially anything related to protecting and conserving our heritage which is fading far too fast. I also work and have worked with The The Walt Disney Company for about 30 years to date capturing everything from beauty shots to documentation photos to some promotional & advertising style pictures. Throw in food photography and Special Events and you have a well rounded portfolio. If you would like any additional information, please contact me by clicking the “Contact Me” tab!

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That is all! Thanks for stoppin’ by and taking the time to read all these updates. Any questions or comments, please email me by clicking the “Contact Me” tab atop this page.

Peace – Mike Thomas